ansforming a current marketing model to that which incorporates Video, is not something most businesses or entrepreneurs think as a possibility due to the exorbitant costs that are involved. More businesses are finding that their brand cannot be served alone by a website and through Search Engine Optimization (SEO). If you do not have a strategy to increase your online entry points then you are not maximizing your business’s online visibility and you are not thinking of winning in the future.


Small to medium businesses definitely cannot outspend the deep pockets of the big companies when it comes to marketing.


THIS IS WHERE WE COME IN – We help you become the new kid on the block with fresh new marketing ideas that convey concrete, powerful, and memorable experiences for your audience. We will create positive trends, ignite the right conversation and boost the electronic Word Of Mouth (eWOM) for your business or your brand.

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Here are some of the reasons why you should choose The Visual Cube®:


What makes us the right choice for you?

We don’t claim to be consultants or experts, with hidden secrets of dominating Youtube or Google. Video has taken the marketing world by storm – you have read it, you have heard it, you KNOW IT! To understand its full potential it needs to be sustained and continued. We ourselves have realized that an effective video series that tells a consistent and compelling story can bring far greater recognition and visibility when combined with whatever marketing that you are currently doing. We don’t just tell business owners what to do, but share our own experience and what we have learned, and try to see things through their eyes in solutions that BEST serve their interests.


What can we do to your business?

More Customers! More Clients! More patients!
Simply put – we work with you to create a lasting and a memorable brand experience for your target audience. Through our services we find ways to:

(1) Bring more visibility to your products, and services.

(2) Bring more inbound traffic to your website

(3) Acquire new customers/clients/patients.

(4) Generate the right image and ignite the right conversation on social media.

(5) Separate you from your competition.


What makes us Different?

First and Foremost we are students of an industry (visual marketing) that goes through continuous change and innovation that requires adaptation. What “worked” six months ago may have changed due to current market trends or due to Google® compliance on search algorithms. This fluidity and flexibility in our approach is what makes us different and successful. It enables us to strategize savvy, comprehensive video marketing, content marketing and social media marketing strategies. Our creative instinct and strategic thinking is very different from traditional marketers.


While our work has all the glitz and glamour, it does not come with the BIG BUDGET COSTS to you. Be it an on-site production, or remote computer to computer productions, we deliver the best possible visual solutions with resources available to you. Our ability to accommodate this unique feature is what sets us apart.


We don’t have a default formula that runs on auto pilot after the first few months. Everything what we do is through human intervention: No automated software. GUARANTEED!