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-About Us

To truly excel in today’s competitive marketing landscape – at every level – you MUST be able to entertain, educate and inspire your audience. The most effective medium to do this is VIDEO.


The Visual Cube is a video production and video marketing agency based in Colombo, Sri Lanka. Our networks spread far across to Fresno, California, and Melbourne, Australia.


What will success look like when working with us? Starting with a simple concept, we explore every possible ways in which we can formulate a compelling story that sticks, and create a lasting impression on your audience. The core of our work begins when we deliver your project(s). We will provide optimization, measurement, and reporting, to help maximize your video ROI.

-Video Production

Video is no longer reserved for companies with deep pockets – It is a “must-have” for any business. When planned and done deftly – Video can ignite concepts and intangibles into concrete, powerful, and memorable experiences for any audience. It will lay the ground work to ignite the right conversation, create favorable buzz, generate confidence, and ignite your business (brand).


From live video productions to post video productions, from stop animations to whiteboard animations, we are part of the new breed of digital creativity that focuses on outcomes – NOT on output. Traditional video production companies/studios often dust their hands after the editing process when delivering you the “finished” video. For us, this is where the “real” work commences, as we take great care in distributing your video to social channels. From that point onwards our team continuously monitor the progress of the video, and how it had yielded results for your business/brand. We even calculate video ROI – now that’s taking care of you as if you were a company with deep pockets.

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-Video Marketing

The real difference in our approach begins when we look at the ‘bigger picture’. Our outlook on video marketing is goal-centric and always focuses on a pre-determined end result. We’ll talk goals, budgets, timelines, and even talk about video marketing ROI.


The BEST part when devising a video marketing strategy is that we work with the resources available to the client. The ability to accommodate this unique feature is what sets The Visual Cube apart. From devising winning scripts, to strategizing creative concepts, we do a lot of fine tuning before getting the ground breaking.


Our video talents can stretch the wildest imaginations – Plan yours NOW! Our team will present an outlined video marketing strategy with the most effective solution within your budget. This will also include a breakdown of costs, recommendations, on how to measure results. We will even highlight what your competition is doing.


The second BEST part of working with us is that we don’t put limits during any part while working with clients. Sounds too good to be true? Find out from those who have worked with us.


-Video SEO

Making a GREAT! Video and uploading on your website or on youtube® is the first step in the right direction.


The success of your Video(s) depends heavily on what is done in the aftermath the video is made live. Your target audience needs to find your video when they search it online. Video Search Engine Optimization (Video SEO) is one of the least understood aspects of many video production companies and studios. Video SEO is already included in our video marketing campaigns, but if you already have a video live on the web, or on Youtube®, we can help your audience find it.


We have two video SEO packages to boost your Youtube® and Google® rankings.


(1) All-In-One Youtube® Viral Video Promotion – CLICK HERE to learn more


(2) The ULTIMATE Youtube® Viral Video Promotion – CLICK HERE to learn more


Our Video Search Engine Optimization (SEO) utilizes a Google® compliant processes that GUARANTEE ranking on video search quarries. No automation. No bots. No black hat techniques.

-Social Media Marketing

Moving a business or a brand forward through social media require informative, inspiring, entertaining content that is irresistible for followers to share.


We strive to take the “sharing” experience to a much more interactive form of electronic Word Of Mouth (eWOM), through video.


The future of social media will be aimed towards automated link building – encouraging followers to share content with their own social networks. The aim of this strategy is to create awareness of your product/service/brand and to ignite a conversation. Google® now gives more prominence to social media signals than traditional (directory based) signals. Our strategy will not only help build a foundation that will serve your audience, but also increase search ranking for your website(s). In the age of intelligent search rankings, this is a fundamental aspect traditional social media marketers ignore.


The BEST part of our social media is that we bring Video in to the mix. Video have the highest probability of a social media post going viral – and we like to think viral.

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-Content Marketing

Leveraging the power of content marketing can help elevate your audience and customer base in dramatic ways.


The terms imagination, creativity, and innovation are no longer an “option” in the competitive market place. These terms are the sparks that can ignite a business and be the difference between competitors.


The success of any idea or concept relies on how effective it is communicated to the masses. We excel at finding new ways in devising effective and creative ways to communicate. While our imagination gives us the freedom to test out alternatives, our creativity lets us apply it to challenge what businesses take for granted.


Don’t take our word for it, just browse our learning center and find out how we communicate simple ideas with a few words and lots more visuals.

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