Business coach, speaker, and author, Dr. Diederik Gelderman has spent over 15 years as a veterinary business turnaround specialist. He came to us with a problem: despite having an effective website with training material, resources, and videos, he found it difficult to communicate his message in less time with the best results.

We knew we had to grab the attention of veterinarians who were frustrated, annoyed and angry why their veterinary practices (which they worked hard to build a reputation for) were struggling to make profits. That’s when it hit us to use those same words to start off the video. Veterinarians are passionate individuals who are intent on helping animals and pet owners, so we knew the script would have to include why the results, promises and lifestyles were stagnating for veterinary entrepreneurs. The Video explains how Dr. Gelderman can help struggling veterinarians and veterinary practices increase revenue, increase employee morale, and increase quality of life, with his experience as a veterinary business turnaround specialist. The video ends with an invitation for veterinarians to see where opportunities lay and exist in their practices with a thirty minute consultation with his compliments. Doctors do not like to be sold, but we figured to do this subtly at the end of the video. If any veterinarian struggling with practice issues, how can he or she resist not inquiring from Dr. Gelderman on what he can do for them?

The video (Realizing Veterinary Dreams and Ambitions) is ranking number one for any of the title keywords on Google (as of 22nd May 2015) and on Youtube search:

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