We have worked with Gal Almog (CEO of Talenya) and his team for over five years. Ever since Talenya launched its talent sourcing bot as an application to shedding their start up status after securing funds to expanding their operations, we have been creating their marketing and brand videos. When we first created a video for Talenya, they were operating from their Tel Aviv headquarters. Now they have four major locations.

After many videos we have done for Talenya, this is the first time we got permission to publish a video to our portfolio. All the videos we have done (prior) were strategic videos aimed at investors. Other videos also included on how the “talent sourcing bot” operated and how it beat out industry standard competition. This video was done back in 2020 and since then Talenya logo has gone through significant changes.

Prior to this video we were predominantly doing explainer videos and white board animation videos. Somehow the need arose that we had to take our videos a notch above. So instead of a traditional voice over and an animated video, we thought of featuring a live presenter and a mix of animations and stock video footage. The presenter video was done separately for US$240. It was done in front of a green screen (below) and we changed the backgrounds as needed. Our aim was to promote the emerging technology of finding talent using Talenya’s search bot, and how it proved to be more efficient than many of the talent searching tools out there.


If you have a requirement to do a video like this within a love presenter, please do contact us and let us know how we can help you. Let us know if you have a concept similar to this and if you already have some footage you think we could use to create the video. The cost of doing a 2 minute live presenter video like this would cost between $500-$800. Included in the price are script writing, professional voice over (live presenter) and the completed video with unlimited edits.

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