We have worked with Keith and Notchabove Tours prior to doing this video. So the client already knew us, and we knew them.  The client is based in Vermont USA, and serves a niche market catered towards senior citizens with group tour packages around the world.

When we first worked with Keith it was over four years ago, and since then they have opened offices in China, Europe, and Australia. A remarkable achievement after the covid lockdown that restricted travel.

Keith wanted something different from the videos we did last time. He wanted to make a postcard theme of a video with images he had taken during his tour packages. So we conceptualized a video based on a “local lore and so much more” theme (suggested by Keith) that had a dynamic post card like theme to it. The video was done as a two part series where the client could use the first half of the video as a sixty second video and then a more detailed lengthier second half that featured videos taken by holiday goers. The objective of the video was to NOT re-create just another travel video but to create a unique themed video that reflected more imagery than dynamic video. We kept it very simple and came up with a solution that the client loved.

If you have a requirement to do a video like this within a US$250 budget, please do contact us and let us know how we can help you. Let us know if you have a concept similar to this and you already have some footage you think we could use in the video. We can create the video with the images or videos you already have. Included in the price are script writing, professional voice over and the completed video with unlimited edits.

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