The client found us through our Fiverr page through the gig titled I will Create a Brand Video For Your Business. We have had this particular gig active for over four years, and have created over 150 separate orders/videos for satisfied clients/buyers, while maintaining a perfect 5 star rating.


The main feature of this gig or the type of videos we create through the gig are videos using stock video footage. Stock video footage are professionally shot videos by videographers that we purchase through subscription services like Envato or Ghetty Images. Once a client/buyer gets in touch with us, we discuss the possibilities of creating a video using stock video footage. The client also have the liberty of choosing the footage they want to feature in the video. We offer them to select up to 12 videos to be used in a sixty second video we create for them.


Kulia Academy found us through fiverr. They were a charter school based in Hawaii and wanted to feature middle schoolers and high schoolers of Hawaiian, Asian and Samoan decent learning IT in a classroom setting. We did not have stock video footage related to what the client want so we let them choose the footage they wanted. After choosing the footage they wanted the client wanted the video to have a futuristic look and feel. We did this (as part of our basic package) by incorporating a futuristic voice over style and using footage that showed somewhat of a modern classroom. The cost of doing this video was US$120. If you have a requirement to do a video like this, please do contact us and let us know how we can help you.

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