I was fascinated when I read start up guru, and entrepreneurial visionary Paul Graham’s 9500+ internationally acclaimed essay on How to start a startup. It clearly details what one need to do from inception to completion, on building a successful startup. I tirelessly searched for the video that detailed this essay but put off due to the excessive length of the videos (some exceeding 40 minutes), which were part of a video series and lectures.

That’s when the idea to do a shorter version of explaining Mr. Graham’s essay in a fun and entertaining video dawned on me. I tirelessly did my best to bring it down to 4 minutes. My second attempt was to bring down the video to 2 minutes. The challenge to bring it further came when I read that mobile users are more likely to watch videos till completion if the video was 60 seconds or less.

Challenge accepted and the result equally well presented (I think). This video is testament that anything is possible when done right even when the odds are stacked against you. As a video content provider, video editor, and a video marketer I needed to re-think, re-invent and re-define on presenting a concept and an idea in less time that possibly imagined… and video is the ONLY way which makes it possible.

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For Detailed Description of the Steps Mentioned in Video:



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