With ample availability of resources, information and technology, the time to start a business has never been easier than NOW!

This was the concept for this video, which was to be different from most of the motivational videos available on the internet. It starts off with realistic statistics that shows the true nature of those who dream it to those who “get started” – the most important of it all. The key stat: less than 1% of those who “tried” out ideas, “started” small businesses and “ignited” hobbies in to careers did not see their enterprises make it to the second anniversary, is something many motivational videos ignore to bring to attention.

The pathway to the start-up world begins NOT ONLY with a “Great Idea”, but also with an undying thirst to see that idea germinate in to success. With paid footage from national geographic with serenading epic piano music, the video sums up tips to succeed, and to empower people on how to build entrepreneurial motivation mojo to break barriers and make things happen.

The title of the video targets two keywords How to Start a Business and Entrepreneur Motivation. Both keywords are extremely competitive search terms to rank, the good news is that the second keyword is already ranking on the first page of youtube search (as of 15th April 2015) – just four months after video going live.

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