Since our inception back in 2015, we primarily focused on the medical industry, working with independent doctors and their private practices. Since then we have branched out to other industries and businesses. When William Moreo, CEO and founder of Health Block Chain contacted us to do a video, it was a chance to become part of the global medical industry.

The aim of Health Block Chain is to become the first global network, which allows people to store their personal medical history safely. Williams believes that people around the world should be able to access their medical history anywhere… anytime… in real time. The process is very basic: Simply upload your medical reports with your smartphone or computer and the information is automatically saved into the block chain, allowing you access whenever and wherever you want.

Instead of doing a another generic medical video, our goal was to capture how this simple process can successfully solve a global problem, in as few words possible, and within a minute. We kept the video simple, but aimed at a more up-beat and fast-tempo video.

The challenge was truly to depict how the inadequacy of reaching health records, can cause unnecessary problems, and how health block chain intend to revolutionize this need for the twenty first century. If you plan on doing video marketing for healthcare industry 2018, Contact Us and talk to us about what you need done. We can craft a video the way anyway you want it, and just the way you dreamed it. Check out the tons of resources available on our Learning Center on how to use video as part of your business communications and marketing.

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