Green and renewable energy are sources of high potential for just about anything. It is one of the new sectors of interest for investment firms. It has become highly desirable than real estate, gold, and the stock market. But the returns could have a longer (and at times more painful) wait for most investors.

Hartmut Doring is the new kid on the block in Europe, with ideas on investing on renewable energy. Their range of solutions covered a broad range of industries, and offered plans for individuals, and institutions. What made them stand apart? Their guarantee to yield at least 8% on returns of EVERY INVESTMENT. When Sarah Doering, partner and co-founder contacted us and when she mentioned this trait, we knew what we needed to build the video around.

This offer was nothing special or required a strategy to market. It marketed itself… much like the top cigarette and alcohol brands markets themselves. But every brand had to do some kind of marketing at the inception. That’s where we came in for Hartmut Doring group. We were tasked of creating a video that highlighted the growing demand for renewable energy and to place hartmut doring in the middle of it, placing them as the “ideal” investment firm to invest. That is why the video is about “everything you knew about investment is about to change…”. Hartmut Doring is the change. They are the rare breed who guaranteed an 8% return. This is why the video made them look like the new kid on the block in Europe when it comes to investing on renewable energy.

The video touched on all aspects of what the client wanted (1) The renewable energy sector in action. (2) The potential of renewable energy. (3) How Hartmut Doring is changing the landscape of investing. (4) Why anyone would “want” to invest with Hartmut Doring”… and to find out what they “believed”, what they “dared”, what they “strived” for their clients.

The client was super happy with in how we chose the “idea” stock footage which amalgamated renewable energy investing in to a marketing concept at the end of the video. If you are an investment company, and have a need for a video based on a similar concept OR would like to challenge us to find one of our own, then please contact us @ 559-512-1121 or fire us an e-mail video at thevisualcube dot com

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