Khairul Chowdurry has been one of our clients who have also been one of our true fans. He owns many subsidiaries and one of them is farmzila. It has truly been a pleasure being part of famzila as we have seen the giant strides it has taken since we joined their marketing team back in 2019. Farmzila have been promoting barley related food products in Bangladesh since 2015.

When Covid 19 struck pretty much everyone, many businesses started seeing a falloff in sales, and revenue. Same happened to the businesses in Bangladesh. Farmzila was “not” one of them, as many people in Bangladesh were now focused more on eating healthy and living healthy. But we have been promoting their products through TV commercials and product videos. When Khairul came to us with an idea of promoting a video (using their products) for healthy living, we got started a script based on healthy living. Midway while the script was been written Bangladesh was going through a very tough time trying to curtail the spread of Covid 19. That is when our writers came up with the concept of making this video a “wake up call” for Bangladeshis to “rise up to the challenge of living a healthy life”. The video now became an inspiring call for Bangladeshis to unite in the fight against Covid 19.

During the editing period, we got so many heartfelt and emotional footage of Bangladesh (paid by us for royalty). It showed famous landscapes, footage of daily life in the city of Dhaka, and most importantly expressions of people in Bangladesh. The video we did was accepted by many and became a viral video on facebook (35k views within the first three months).

We are experts at creating emotional, and inspirational videos. We can create a video similar to this. If you have a requirement to do a video like this please do contact us and let us know how we can help you. Let us know if you have a concept similar to this or challenge our writers to come up with something unique to your brand. The cost of doing a 2 minute video like this would cost between $250-$300. Included in the price are script writing, professional voice over (live presenter) and the completed video with unlimited edits.

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