Plastic waste is a real world epidemic that needs to be sorted out. Every business tends to use this issue to highlight how they seem to have mastered the winning solution to end plastic waste. Armand Levy, founder and CEO of Ecostream Club looked at a different angle on a solution. He dared to think different and innovate how cleaning products contributed to plastic waste.

His answer is probably the most practical solution on minimizing plastic waste. His compact dispenser that mixed super concentrated cleaning liquids with water eliminated the need to buy cleaning products that came in plastic containers. He searched for a professional video marketing agency, to create a memorable video for his revolutionary product… and he chose us.

The video was mainly to show how the compact dispenser aided in the fight to rid of plastic on earth, while showing how the unit solved this problem. We came up with an intro that showed how plastic waste contributed to the decay and pollution of the oceans. We used a turtle in a polluted beach to maximize this effect. Not only did we show how the compact cleaner minimize plastic waste, but also how it saved money, time and how it stand to revolutionize the cleaning industry.

We ended the video with the same turtle metaphor, but this time with the same turtle swimming on a clean ocean – dilution is the solution. Armand was so happy with what we did, and he was inspired to do more videos related to keeping the earth clean.

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