Cellphonepalace is one of the biggest online cell phone and cell phone accessories retailers in North America. Their entire marketing concept is based on price, variety and money back guarantees. When cell phone palace contracted us to do their marketing videos, the above three points were the main focus to concentrate. The videos had to instantaneously build up customer confidence on cell phone palace. The client wanted the videos to be loud, grandiose and full of glitter.

We took a “hard sell” approach from the get-go, and made sure to avoid doing something similar to a used car advertisement or black Friday mattress sales event.  The script was written in a way that we limited every sentence to short statements about what cell phone palace offered. We also gave reasons as to “why” customers should buy from cell phone palace.

We used percussion heavy drum line music to bring about the “hard sell” approach. The voice over also reflected a similar attitude and style. We chose an older male voice that sounded low, with minimal emotion or excitement. The video featured a variety of cell phones that kept disappearing to show more brands and variety. We also used an array of happy people footage that reflected the potential customer base.  We also featured large warehouses to show the volume of stocks the client had. The entire video consisted of a 75 script that lasts exactly 50 seconds. The cost of doing this video? As unbelievable it may sound when we warped up this video the invoice we sent the client was US$160. Another great value we gave through our fiverr gig Create a Brand Marketing Video With Stock Video Footage. If you happen to be a retailer and want a similar video done, contact us or go to our fiverr gig and inquire about it.

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