Tim Warrington, CEO of bots.co.uk contacted us through our fiverr page. The work we have done through our fiverr profile has been so recognized during the post covid19, that we are now level 2 sellers. Thanks to all our buyers for making this happen.

Bots.uk.co too has been very active during the post covid19 period to the demands of many businesses trying to automate their production facilities. Bots.uk.co is one of the many businesses that offer a unique service to cut costs, increase production and increase production. We took this exact line when conceptualizing the first video we did for them to secure capital and gain investors. Afterwards, we concentrated on making the robots/bots look so much like transformers that we made each individual videos making the bots look exactly like that. Tim already sent us the footage of the robots in action, and all what we did was to insert texts, and graphics that made the bots look like super bots. We also made explainer videos on how the bots helped businesses improve bottom line, what task they performed and what it cost businesses to test run the bots with short term hires. Business automation is a thing of the future and Bots.co.uk is already garnering attention with international brands already adopting their services. Top brands such as Nissan, Amazon, L’Oreal, Toyota have already tested and installed robots in their facilities. We are excited to be part of an innovative business/brand and are looking forward to creating more robust, creative and entertainment videos for Tim.

If you are in the automation, production and logistics niches, we can craft similar videos that best describe your business or your brand. Contact us or check out our fiverr page for discounted offers.

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