Bill Lentis of Bill Lentis Media Found us via our Fiverr Gig. A renowned SEO Expert known throughout the North Eastern coast (especially in Boston), we were taken aback when he came to us to make a video.  His requirement was to show a frustrated business owner who is struggling to rank his website and then transition in to a video that had a futuristic theme to S.E.O. (Search Engine Optimization). We were also limited by the fact that Bill did not want the video to be more than 60 seconds and to have everything summed up within 100 words.

We started the video with a series of stock footage featuring a businessman in a grey suit, conducting meetings and still finding why his website is not ranking. This is a common theme among many business owners as they frantically try to figure out why their websites are struggling to rank. This was the first quarter of the video. The transition to a futuristic concept was somewhat difficult but we used a dark theme footage of a man in a suit operating a touch screen video that we showed SEO related imagery. While we used this segment to build up credibility to Bill Lentis Media, we also used text layers to construct the story of SEO (and why people should choose Bill Lentis media).

The result impressed the client, because we did not deviate much from his already established method of communications. The voice over for the video was purposefully done without any emotion, excitement. It was supposed to be more of a mature sounding voice between human and robotic. Despite the video being 56 seconds it seemed as it moved very quickly than a regular 60 second video.

If you are in the tech industry and want to build credibility and want to do a similar futuristic video we are here to help. In need for a video based on a similar concept OR would like to challenge us to find one of our own, then please contact us @ 559-512-1121 or fire us an e-mail video at thevisualcube dot com

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