Everyone seems to be riding the Pokemon Go® video craze – from first timers to seasoned pros… to nationally acclaimed celebrity dentists. Dr. Ted Siegel decided to experiment with this video when we talked about how businesses pushed their brands using trending video topics like the ALS ice bucket challenge and the Harlem shake. The trending topic was Pokemon Go® and Dr. Siegel chose a topic that was suitable for a doctor to talk about – that related to Pokemon Go®.

The video was scripted, filmed, edited and published within 2-3 days mainly because Pokemon Go® was starting to lose steam. In this video Dr. Siegel stresses the importance of exercising and the negatives of not exercising. We made sure as to not market or sell anything related to Dr. Siegel and his Dental Practice – instead it was all about promoting Pokemon Go®. This also guaranteed not violating any copy rights infringements for using intellectual property (the different pokemons used in the video) and the Pokemon Go® logo. We also wanted to keep the video below 2 minutes, and to make it entertaining.

What we accomplished by doing the video? We got Dr. Siegel’s social media pages buzzing as his patients (and future patients) saw a side of him that they would never see during consultations. The video garnered a lot of attention on facebook too… So if you are a business owner or an entrepreneur, who want to show a side of you to your clients, and customers that they have never seen of you… Thik of doing a similar video.

This video is ranking number three (#3) on youtube for search term Exercise more Pokemon Go as of September 6th 2016.

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