Richard Branson founded the Virgin Group, after he booked an air charter flight to Puerto Rico. He booked the flight through an air charter broker. The broker was tasked with finding aircraft options for that Mr. Branson, based on what he needed and secured an available aircraft. Mr. Branson sold the extra seats for other passengers who were stranded along with him.

Joshua Dobbins founded and has been securing available aircrafts for clients and finding potential clients for air craft owners and companies. After trying out various social media campaigns, marketing campaigns and email campaigns, Josh wanted to see how a video would generate a different result. The video was to inform, and educate clients about how an air charter business works.

We went with a mix of whiteboard animations and stop animations. The video was about two friends. One who is stuck in a job he does not like and the other travelling (while making money through an air charter flight) for work. The video talks about how investing on an air charter flight could make anyone who has to travel for work could make an additional income. While the storyline avoids the somewhat complicated process of chartering an airplane, it’s primary focus was to get viewers contact Josh and have him explain the process.

If you are a niche specific service provider, and have a need for a video based on a similar concept OR would like to challenge us to find one of our own, then please contact us @ 559-512-1121 or fire us an e-mail video at thevisualcube dot com

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