Dr. Mahendra Samarawickrama first contacted us while he was searching for a Sinhala voice over artist, to narrate his ground breaking book “anuragha Pushpaya”. The specialty of this book was that it explained concepts of Buddhism through song/music, which has never been attempted prior. By the time he came to us, Dr. Samarasekara had already published his songs by famous Sri Lankan artists and composers.

After finishing the voice over, Dr. Samarawickrama wanted to present the audio book through visuals using youtube. That is when we started to experiment with concepts on how to present an audio book using video. Since this was an audio book, we thought of presenting it as a “real book”. And since the book was about Buddhism, we thought to present it as an old photo album. Instead of paper, we used a thick glossy parchment type texture for the pages. Even the colors of the images were suppressed somewhat to get a feel of the philosophies of Buddhism. When we first presented this concept to Dr. Samarawickrama, he was instantly taken by the quality of the work and we went about choosing the appropriate images to reflect the story which was being narrated. This was the first of this kind of a video we finished and the challenges that presented were equally a great learning experience for us.

If you have a requirement to do an audio and need a narrator we can help you find one. Equally if you already have an audio book and want to re-create it to a video then talk to us and find out how we can help you. While we cannot estimate a budget, a video similar to this would cost you US$50-$75 per 60 seconds. So a ten minute audio book would cost you a minimum US$500. Included in the price is our dedication to creating a video to exceed your expectation and of course unlimited edits.

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