Ever paid a dollar menu price to have a complete dental exam with a full set of X-rays from a board certified dentist? You heard it right – a COMPLETE dental exam for just $1.00. Chicago’s own celebrity dentist Dr. Ted Siegel of Big Smile dental, have been offering this amazing deal for a long time.

While most Chicagoans (and the rest of the world) have not heard of such jaw dropping dentistry news, we thought of bringing it to life “breaking news style”, because it truly is breaking-news-worthy. While the news of the deal made people screech their tiers and roll over motor cars, the video sure made people smile simply because it was just as affordable as a double cheeseburger.

Businesses need to understand to highlight the one “irresistible” featured that sets them out from their competitors. Dr. Siegel is an award winning, nationally acclaimed, board certified cosmetic dentist. What set his dental practice apart are his clinical experience and the high levels of patient treatment and care available with the latest state of the art technology. The $1 dental Exam has been something unique to his dental practice for a long time. This is indeed as “irresistible” as his dental work – just ask his patients.

The video Breaking News Chicago – Dentist Offers Complete Dental Exam with Full Set of X Rays for $1 is ranking on first pages on Google Video search and on youtube search for keywords “Chicago Dentist”.

We stretched the one dollar idea even further during Halloween with another video titled How to Smile Like a Vampire – secrets to a brighter smile.

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