With his experience of over 15 years as a veterinary practice turnaround specialist Dr. Diederik Gelderman envisioned a site dedicated to veterinarians and veterinary practice owners to discover their own professional and personal ambitions and help them become successful Veterinary entrepreneurs. He founded Veterinary Business Academy in January 2016.

Dr. Gelderman came to us with the idea of a 5 part complimentary video series for those who signed up to receive updates. This series was specifically designed to stimulate veterinary entrepreneurs to think about their practice in new ways and to gain new insights into what they are currently doing. Each of the five videos explored a unique topic veterinary practice owners failed to acknowledge or adapt over the course of time.

We (along with the client) devised the script in a way to point out outdated trends, and practices that are detracting veterinary practices when compared with other businesses. Dr. Gelderman wanted to challenge and ‘prod and poke’ his audience to think (and consider) whether there may be another way (a better way) to achieving better outcomes.

We wanted each video to create a sense of “urgency” for the audience at the introduction. We also purchased unique veterinary stock video footage to compliment the video content in the middle. All videos were longer than 12 minutes, and we broke each video topic in to sub topics (to make learning and understanding easier) and used music towards the end to make each video a “home run” and to maintain the “enthusiasm” to continue to the next video.

We also named the video series Turbo Charge Your Practice (TCYP) to brand the series to have a unique identity.

Above is video 2 (TCYP 2) Solutions Or Sessions – how you run your practice, and whether it is in fact the right or the wrong business model for you. The video series is set to private (available to those who sign up on his veterinarybusinessacademy.com site)

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Click HERE to see what Doctor Gelderman has to say about working with us

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