When the Covid-19 pandemic started to hit the supply chains across America, and retailers, farmers and producers, found it tough to operate within the “normal” boundaries of doing business, a “new normal” had to be found to make things work. The idea first fathomed by Supplyshark founder, during a trade show ten years ago, was reborn.

Supplyshark created a platform for suppliers, retailers, logistics providers, and farmers to connect through their network. The network allowed these individuals to sign up and browse through a network of local suppliers, who had excess stocks, unable to sell due to the interruptions of the pandemic. It also gave a chance for growers, farmers, and producers to get to know those who they never knew in their localities. The system allowed the broken chains to fix itself by users and best of all? Everyone bought and sold for no fees.When we were tasked to create a series of videos that captured the above concept, relating to farmers, retailers, hospitals, logistic providers, we welcomed the challenge of creating an emotional script that took what was happening in the 2020 global landscape. The prominence was given to the pandemic, which resulted in the supply chain’s breakdown. Then we had to show the disconnect between growers, farmers, suppliers, retailers, and how Supplyshark would bring about a solution. We found the appropriate stock video footage within our vast library of stock footage, and with the approval of the client we went about creating a memorable video under US$160. The success of the first video also gave us the opportunity to create 4 more videos for the client over an eight month period.

If you have a requirement to do a video like this within a US$160 budget, please do contact us and let us know how we can help you. Let us know if you have a concept similar to this that you think you can benefit with a video, we would like to be part of that conversation.

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