Dr. Booth Found us by watching the testimonial video of a fellow cosmetic dentist Dr. Ted Siegel. Dr. Booth wanted an educational video on the benefits of ozone water treatment, which he offered in his South Lamar dental practice River-Rock Dental. After consultation with Dr. Booth, we convinced him to include a marketing element to the video (marketing is everything we do and everything we do is marketing).

We scripted the video to look professional and dignified as per client requirement. We also wanted to keep the video to a water elemental like concept. We chose the appropriate voice artist, music and stock footage that complimented what the client wanted.

In the end we achieved a video that was not only educational but which was entertaining and inspiring. We also added the marketing element of the video, which expressed that the treatment was offered by Dr. Booth and his practice and how patients could book a consultation to have the treatment done.

If you are a doctor or a dentist, or even a chiropractor and have a need for a video similar to this OR would like to challenge us to find a way of communicating what you do in a professional and dignified level, then please contact us @ 559-512-1121 or fire us an e-mail video at thevisualcube dot com


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