Eco Friendly products seemed like the new thing in town few years back. The trend has not only awakened the younger generation to think green, but going green has now become even more fashionable. Hardik Shah, (Founder, CEO recycle green) wanted to communicate two things when he came to us with his video requirement: (1) Highlight the importance of recycling/eliminating plastic waste and (2) Show how much of recycled products went in to shaping his products.

When devising the script we started out with highlighting waste and how it was impacting the earth and why we (as residents of the earth) should come together to curb the problem of waste. We also wanted to bring out the brand and make the products even more compelling by giving a visual of how many plastic bottles, milk cartons, paper, etc. was included in making the products. As a startup did not want to spend as much for the video, and when completed we were able to keep in within budget and to put out an effective video.

We take pride in doing videos related to reducing or eliminating plastic waste. If you are a retailer of products that are recycled, and have a need for a video based on a similar concept OR would like to challenge us to find one of our own, then please contact us @ 559-512-1121 or fire us an e-mail video at thevisualcube dot com

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