Helenia Tedesco of Moringa On found us by watching one of our client testimonial video of Dr. Ted Siegel. She was inspired by what Dr. Siegel had to say about how we helped his business. Helenia wanted the same commitment as she and her partners were trying to shed the startup label of their sports super food brand Monringa On®.

The first video we did was to bring awareness of the four superfoods Moringa On® wanted to promote among endurance athletes. The video detailed out the four groups, what it contains, what it does and how it should be consummated. The requirement was the video to inspire athletes, and to motivate them to “break barriers” and “discover new boundaries”.

As this was our first sports related video, we looked at a lot of sport motivational videos for similar products… BUT wanted to evolve this video to something different. So we started off challenging endurance athletes to become a “finishers”, to “boost their performance naturally”, “maximize their post and pre workout recovery” and to “avoid sprains and other injuries”. All of which are helped by the four superfoods.

We ended the video for athletes to become part of the “green revolution” and to keep it natural (in an era where athletes get caught for performance boosting illegal foods). The green revolution was part of the four superfoods the video promoted. 100% organic and 100% tested by athletes. Helenia loved the end result and is equally excited about the videos we are working on right now.

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