An effectively done movie trailer can evoke almost cult like following on any viewer. This is what modern day movie trailers, premiers and previews strive to accomplish. They create a sense of urgency on the viewer to already be captivated even before going to the cinema. Many businesses, brands, sports franchises, and personalities have enjoyed success doing videos in the movie trailer format.

Internationally acclaimed speaker, entrepreneur, innovator and award winning author Mayur Ramgir, came to us with the task of creating a promotional video for his new book evolve like a butterfly – a metamorphic approach to leadership. He wanted an up-beat, inspirational type video with a “bang” (his exact words). While there was no shortage of video footage, and content to rave about Mr. Ramgir’s accomplishments, the task of creating a book promotional video with a “bang” was a challenge. It was also important to keep the video to establish the credibility and professionalism of Mr. Ramgir.

In the end what we created was not a book promotion but a book trailer (much like a movie trailer). The concept of the video was to show the metamorphic approach of a caterpillar becoming a butterfly, so as to Segway to the book title. What helped us immensely was the customized music track created by Victor Oshlansky exclusively to this video. We also made conscious efforts to keep it professional and credible, so we opted for a more professional voice-over and let the cinematics take over towards the end.

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