What is the Cost of an animated explainer video in 2016? How much is a 60 second white board explainer video? How is an explainer video created? What is the process? What are the choices? All questions answered and explained in 2 minutes in this animated explainer video.

When tasked with a sales video it always helps to explain, educate, and inspire before getting to the awkward “selling” part in the shortest possible time possible (and all the while making your video entertaining). For anyone interested in more information the video description further explains what to expect when working with us with a link to find out more…


The title of the video was also set to target searchers who are searching EXACTLY for what the video is about. The video as of present (September 06th 2016) is ranking number one on youtube for 4 search terms or search phrases:


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If you are looking How to Create an Explainer Video 2018, then Contact Us and talk to us about what you need done. We can craft an explainer video the way anyway you want it, and just the way you dreamed it. Check out the tons of resources available on our Learning Center on how to use video as part of your business communications and marketing.

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