The independent American realtor is often burdened by paying hefty percentage commissions to big real estate agencies. Scott Shuetz, founder and CEO of Hoven Real Estate had a different concept, where he let brokers keep a lot more of their commissions. A LOT more!

However, his message of lower commission structure, annual limits on caps, and tools he offered for the success of his brokers were never truly realized by real estate brokers. He had tried every possible traditional marketing channels with the exception of video. That’s when he found us.

When we scripted the voice-over, we wanted to highlight what real estate agents were truly facing at current market conditions: paying higher commissions to brokerage companies, and how big brokerage companies were not committed to their success. We wanted to paint a picture of the stress, frustration and anger faced by real estate agents.

The rest of the video highlighted the “real” benefits of becoming a Hoven real estate agent. The lower commissions, annual cap limit, creating personalized branding, back office technology, lead generation, and a host of other benefits. The video was unlike the rest, it created confidence and energy and asked the vital question from real estate agents: “can you afford to miss this”?

In true essence the video was to send out a message that Hoven real estate was a brokerage company designed by real estate agents for themselves.

If want to know how to do video marketing for real estate company Contact Us to do a similar video. We can craft it the way you want it, which is unique to the local market. Residential or commercial, anyway you want it, just the way you dreamed it. Check out the tons of resources available on our Learning Center on how to use video as part of your business communications and marketing.

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