We did not stop spreading the amazing jaw dropping news of the one dollar complete dental exam with a full set of X-rays Vide0. We took it even further, darker, spookier with vampires, sleeping beauties,  and wear wolves. Now Dr. Ted Siegel and Big Smile Dental have a recyclable and a memorable tool to engage social media, newsletters, press releases and other promotional material for Halloween.

The footage was initially shot by amateur videographer (a patient of Dr. Siegel) as a fun project back in 2009 using an average camcorder titled Big Smile Halloween Ad. We saw the enormous potential this video could have, and took it upon us to give it the spookier and eerier look it deserved. What we did was very minimal in terms of Video SFX (the creaking door, the lightening, and the spooky phone numbers at the end). Much of the “older and darker look” is based on the fact that we made footage resemble a 1920’s old movie footage – other than the purple door and purple lightening. The Client LOVED IT and wants to do a 60 second television commercial for 2015 Halloween.

The best part about this video was composing the right mix of spooky music, eerie sound effects – Smile Like Vampires This Halloween

If you are looking to create Halloween video marketing, then Contact Us and talk to us about what you need done. We can craft a video the way anyway you want it, and just the way you dreamed it. Check out the tons of resources available on our Learning Center on how to use video as part of your business communications and marketing.


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