GuardSignal Had a revolutionary product and they wanted to get that out to their audience through a video. The product was a smart watch which could track the pulse of a security personal and alert the command center (and his colleagues) nearby if he was in duress. The watch was designed to monitor the pulse of the wearer, and to automatically alert the system if the pulse rate had an unusual response. The guard could also send a manual alert notifying he is in trouble.

When the client came to us for the video, they already had paid another service provider for a video, and they were not happy with the outcome. Due to this reason we had to use the voiceover and the music of the old video. So we never had the pleasure of working on a script, but we were still up to the challenge of crafting a video that would explain the process, show the benefits and why companies who hired security personal should highly consider giving guard signal a call. Part of the concept was to use the logo colors (green and purple) as much as we could throughout the video. We also wanted to show how the watch worked and functioned. This we did by showing how the system would detect a guard in duress and how an alert signal would be sent across. The smart phone accomplishes a lot more that smart phones could not, and we had to show this as well. In the end we accomplished everything the client wanted to realize through this video and we are happy guard signal went with our video to feature on their website.

If you have a requirement to do a video like this within a US$250 budget, please do contact us and let us know how we can help you. Let us know if you have a concept similar to this that you think you can benefit with a video, we would like to be part of that conversation.

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