Cyber security is one of the hot topics of discussion in the tech world today. Farsight security is a global leader in detecting cyber threats and providing cyber security platforms across the globe. When vice president of Marketing Emanuel Younanzadeh contacted us to do this video, we knew we were up against a great challenge.

The requirement was to combine (1) what cyber security is (2) the threat it poses and (3) how farsight security had the means and capability to detect a cyber-threat and respond before it became a problem. The core theme of the video was how farsight security could “predict” “detect” and “prevent” any cyber security threat. Another requirement was that the video had to resemble a futuristic tech theme, that used very little human faces.

The combination of the text colors purple orange and white was derived from the logo. We wanted to use as many binary codes, algorithms, block chains, and other cyber/tech type footage with some human elements (as it is us humans who would benefit from a cyber-threat).  That is why we used a lot of close ups of eyes, faces, and the back of heads to make the human effect felt, but not so much to the effect that we kept to the original requirement. We even balanced the colors and the ambiance of the videos to keep the continuity of the theme.

The result was a success, as we felt that we had a video similar to the big budget videos done by IBM, Oracle, and Sysco Systems. The client was super happy with how we developed the story of cyber security and amalgamated it to a marketing concept at the end of the video. If you are a tech company, and have a need for a video based on a similar concept OR would like to challenge us to find one of our own, then please contact us @ 559-512-1121 or fire us an e-mail video at thevisualcube dot com

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