Travel companies or travel videos pretty much sound the same. They say they are the best, they are the ones who can give the best deals, and the best service. We all have seen these videos, we have all heard these statements and we all know  what to expect when watching a travel video.

When Candace Pengra, owner of direct accommodation, came to us with the idea of doing a video for her travel and tour company video, we wanted to make sure it was not going to be “just another travel video”. Our efforts were helped by the fact that Candace ran a truly personalized service that was different to the big travel companies. Clients always talked to a highly experienced travel specialist who personally managed requests… Always! Guaranteed!

But what truly set them apart from the rest was that (1) they did not require long term contracts (2) They did not charge for additional fees, and (3) they guaranteed accomodations.

These unique features and guarantees made scripting the voice-over easy. But the real challenge came when customizing the video. We wanted to truly show the unique experience of a traveler, and the ease of how they can reach a direct accommodation associate. The video was to build credibility and trust. It was a way to find out why direct accommodation was the BEST! While the big travel agencies look like the rest. It was to convey to make your next travel experience MEMORABLE!

If you own a travel business or a travel agency and want to know how to do a travel agency marketing video, and surpass your competitors Contact Us. We can help you do a similar video like what we did for Candace, but something that is unique to where you are from.

Remember for your travel videos to succeed, you need to (1) Entertain (2) Educate and (3) Inspire your audience. The full message of your video will not be seen (or heard) if your audience do not watch your video till completion.  Check out the tons of resources available on our Learning Center on how to use video as part of your communications and marketing.

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