Content writing is often overlooked by many small to medium sized businesses. They do not realize the potential of SEO rich content. Many business owners go through agonizing moments wondering why their web sites are not ranking. This may be one reason no one really realize.

When Bluepen articles came to us to create their video, they were on a strict budget. They opted to go with a 75 word script. In it they wanted a lot of areas covered and to highlight their credibility as internationally acclaimed writers. This was a tough ask, as we labored to get the perfect script, which covered everything within 75 words. Video scripting too is often overlooked by many. A video script does not resemble a written document. It needs to have a flow that tells a compelling story.

We took the challenge and came up with a winning script even the client was amused. Once the script was done, we used an array of millennial type actors to appear as writers to compose the video. We also covered the industries, niches, enterprises the client wanted to work with. If you listen to this video would you even believe that the script is only 75 words? This was the unique feature in this video, and as video marketers we take script writing very seriously and as evident we can take it to a new level.

If you are a small to medium business, and have a need for a video based on a budget OR would like to challenge us to find a way of communicating what you do in a very short video, then please contact us @ 559-512-1121 or fire us an e-mail video at thevisualcube dot com


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