Saving money on electricity bills on air conditioning and heating systems is a new norm that often draws interests. Customers are often bombarded with too much information about which products to choose from. In reality the true savings really depend on the type of windows installed in any building.

Big Mountain Air is a sole distributor of the award winning Aniln Windows in the greater Sacramento area in California. What is so unique about their business model? Buy any Anlin Window installation and automatically qualify for 20%-30% savings on your electricity bills. It is a guarantee owner Varin Larsen readily stands by.

But in the summer of 2017 when heat indexes in California was reaching record highs, Mr. Larsen reached out to his customers giving and even better deal: get 10 Anlin windows installed and get a FREE air conditioning system. FREE!

He came to us wanting to do an effective TV commercial for this promotion. Once we found out the deals he was handing out, it was not that difficult to get this video off the ground. Who can resist the word FREE? And getting a new air conditioning system for FREE? We composed the video featuring a luxury home, which boasted a lot of beautiful windows. This truly added to the value of the story we tried to send out: Glamor. The technical details were displayed in 3D BUT to make convincing even more direct the summer deals were highlighted in big, bold, and colorful blinking fonts.

If you own a window installation company, and want to learn how to do video marketing for window installation company then Contact Us to do a similar video. We can craft it the way you want it, which is unique to the local market. Residential or commercial. Check out the tons of resources available on our Learning Center on how to use video as part of your business communications and marketing.

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