If you think about a video to promote rice, it would not be as enticing as creating a video to promote chocolate or coffee. When Wendy Kwok, CEO and director of a food supplying chain in Singapore came to us to inquire about creating a video to promote rice, we had no idea where to begin.

This was a project that ended up with the client guiding us as to how she wanted the video done. The concept of the video was the nutritional value of the specific rice this business was supplying to the Singaporean market. During the conceptual stage of the video, the client also decided to “brand” the rice and came up with betamore rice. Their marketing team went to great lengths and even created website for the brand. This made things easier for us now that we were promoting a “brand” rather than a food type.

The video included the nutritional facts in a way that we included it as how it appears in the back of the packaging (how most products display nutritional information). This seemed more authentic than just saying it out loud. We also put in some images of people “on the go” and different rice recipes to make the video more lifestyle centric. The supplier also had a 30 day money back guarantee that we also included to end the video.

If you are a retail store or a food supplier that needs to brand your products and make a video then Contact us or fire us a call and let us know “what” and “how” you want, and we can work out a process as a team to create a video similar to this video.

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