Apollosunvitamins is a startup that concentrates on making healthy life choices through healthy habits. They steadily shed their startup role as a regional South Carolina business to a national brand with the first three years. Now primed to take their products international they wanted to create a brand video that captures the essence of their products.

The client found us from our Fiverr gig Create Professional Brand Marketing Video. The concept for the video was to keep it simple and minimal. This video embraced a more “soft sell” approach compared to the previous video we did on the same gig to a different client cellphone palace. We also adopted a concept of making it more “white” and “subtle”, so the footage we used and the tone/style of the voice over reflected all that.

We put in an intro that resembled the sun and put in the logo of the client as it’s center. We also carefully selected the footage we wanted to use to keep up to our “minimalist” theme. We also selected a music type that blended well with the soft, soothing voice over. The objective was to create awareness of a healthy life and by choosing these products to make healthy life choices. We also carefully selected the pharmaceutical footage we used to build trust and credibility. The essence of the video was to create curiosity as to what Apollo sun offered in terms of healthy choices. The client loved the video, as it reflected their own communicating style and their brand marketing style. If you are in the health, beauty, and lifestyle niches, we can craft a similar video that best describe your business or your brand. Contact us or check out our fiverr profile for discounted offers.

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