Deepak Mital CEO and founder of Wallque found us on fiverr. He shared his concept and showed us a few similar services and wanted our expertise in creating a series of videos. He wanted the video to be fun, entertaining that showed the process of how people can easily choose pictures on their mobile devices and place an order to have those images framed and sent to their address. The concept was simple but showing it in a fun, entertaining way was somewhat a challenge.

The client had a lot of input on the video. He had already done some incredible B-roll footage of a couple placing the order, receiving the package and then trying out the framed pictures on their wall (with an adorable pet cat). This made the job much easier for us. The task we had was to craft an effective script that showed the process of choosing pictures-selecting a frame-placing the order. We already made a storyboard on what needed to be shown alongside the script. We made it look simple but creating the video itself was somewhat difficult as we had to experiment between a choice of mobile device, hand motions, and the decision to show an actual person placing the order. We kept it simple yet again and decided not to show a person and hand motions as it would make the video more cluttered. Then we mixed in the footage the client sent us and created a video that the client was happy with. We also kept to a pink theme, as the website, social media and most communication involved the logo colors.

If you have a requirement to do a video like this within a US$150 budget, please do contact us and let us know how we can help you. Let us know if you have a concept similar to this and you already have some footage you think we could use in the video.

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