Bring the world of 3D to your smart phone and share an unimaginable experience on your social media today with Neth 3D…

Founder and CEO Saman Dharmaratne of discovered a unique product that will change the way we interact on our smart phone and on social media. The concept of 3D imagery and video on mobile devices is truly a futuristic technology unheard of (even in 2016). While awaiting approval for patent, manufacturing and distribution rights, Saman came to us with the possibility of doing a series of promotional videos for his product.

Together we conceptualized a video that will “bring tomorrows technology today”. The video was tasked with introducing the next generation human experience. Instead of marketing the device (a phone cover with dual camera system that captures a vast array of pixels that make 3D a possibility), we concentrated on marketing an experience. An experience that a user could expect by having 3D imagery and video on their smart phone. The aim of the video was to inspire people to check out and find out more about “discovering the boundless possibilities with 3D on their smart phones”. It was a gruesome task to select the perfect stock footage to go with the narration and the music.

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