After the first two videos brought them the desired results they expected, Talenya came to us for a third video. Talenya is the first global company who used artificial intelligence to create the world’s first talent sourcing bot. We were honored that they chose us to work with them (instead of heading to a big agency now that they have firmly entrenched themselves as an industry pioneer). This video was to further modify and improve what we did prior after the new data they had gathered and to include the new (and improved) possibilities their talent sourcing bot offered to companies seeking the right candidates.

Instead of doing an explainer video with animations or stock footage, we decided to incorporate a spokesperson presentation video. Our hope in doing this was to build more credibility to what Talenya offered. After all this is the third video we did, and we did not want to take a step back by repeating what we already did. We also animated the bot to show what it was capable of doing. Talent sourcing is big competition and in terms of value Talenya think they are offering something revolutionary. We wanted the video to adopt this revolutionary introduction without promising any guarantees. The video pretty much talks about what the talent sourcing bot offer in terms of searching qualified candidates, how to screen them, and how to connect with them. We also wanted the male presenter to have a casual look so we wanted him to be somewhat smart casual with the wardrobe choice. The client had a big input of “what they wanted”, and these terms were explicitly discussed prior to starting the video. This was our first commercial presenter type video.

If you want a similar video done with a male or female presenter explaining your business or brand Contact us or fire us a call and let us know what you want, and we can lay out a process that you will understand.

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